Prayer at New Life Church

New Life Church is committed to being a praying church, utilizing various individual and group means for demonstrating our total dependency upon God for our every need and for the fulfillment of His purposes in us. The prayer guide below provides a list of needs and concerns for which people connected with New Life Church have requested prayer. If you have a prayer request for which you'd like to ask the New Life Church family to pray, please go to the contact new life church link and fill out and submit the form with your request. Please include any privacy instructions (i.e., "withhold name," "use last name initial only," etc.) in your submitted request. 

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, 

that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need"

Hebrews 4;16

New Life Church Prayer Guide

updated  July  30,  2021

Family Members of New Life Church 

  • Buff Andresen:  Please pray for travelling mercies for Buff & Judy as they make their way to Florida; also pray for Buff & the  medical team caring for him as they continue their follow up care for health challenges he has had
  • Juanita Crouch:  Please prayer for Juanita & all of her family as they mourn the unexpected loss of her sister this past Sunday morning.  No additional details are available at this time
  • Lacey Graves:  Recently diagnosed with breast cancer -- had surgery on May 26th.  She is most grateful that no chemotherapy is required, but medical team is suggesting a round of radiation.  Lace is requesting prayer for wisdom/guidance to make the right choice in this matter.  She is to meet with oncologist.  Please support her in this prayer for God's wisdom for the medical team attending Lace & for God's touch & care as she faces this disease
  • Charlie Guido:  Charlie did well in his second surgery but continues to have residual dental pain.  He is asking the Lord for His touch, pain relief & complete healing with no infection
  • John Heider:  Please remember John's brother in prayer who will be having surgery on Wednesday
  • Rodney Hughes:  Rod tested positive for COVID last week after returning from a trip.  He is currently isolating at home.  Please pray God will touch  his body, the fatique will lessen & that he recovers quickly and completely with no lingering health issues
  • Terri Kears:  Please continue to pray for God's touch on Terri  for complete healing without complications or infection as she recuperates from recent hip replacement surgery
  • Terry & Carole Maner:  Please continue to pray for the Maners' as they are in the midst of raising funds for their ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  
  • Karen Pierce:  Karen is now home recuperating from recent cardiac by-pass surgery.  Please continue to pray for progression of health, with no infections or complications & full recovery.  Please pray for God's protection & touch on Karen's life & all of the household (that includes her sisters Jo & Nancy)
  • Louise Robbins:  Louise is moving in a positive direction.  We thank God she has been able to be with us for services the last few weeks.  Please continue to pray for progression of health & strength enabling her to continue with her independent living.   Please for her son & daughter & their families who have lovingly cared for Louise as she has been healing from the traumatic brain injury - the result of a fall
  • Pastoral Search Committee:  Please continue to pray that the Committee discern God's will for NLC in their search for a pastor

Friends & Extended Family Members of New Life Church Family

  • Deborah Christenburg:  Please pray for family friends of Deborah --  the Olson family -- whose children lost their lives last weekend in an automobile accident
  • Margaret Glover:  Friend of the Starks' - 86 years old - diagnosed with breast cancer.  Miss Margaret underwent surgery this past week to remove a cancerous breast tumor.   She did well during surgery and then experienced a set-back.  She has been released from the hospital and is improving but is still in need of much pray.  Please pray for comfort & peace, God's touch on her body, and progression of health.  Please also pray for her family who have been by her side during this entire medical challenge...may God grant them peace and rest
  • Harper Family:  Prayer requested for  Marge & Dave - long time members of SBCC/NLC.  Have  now moved into assisted living in New Jersey to be near family.  Please pray that the adjustment is smooth & for God's watch-care over our dear friends in this the sunset years of their lives.  Please also pray for God's touch on Marge who is currently hospitalized with pneumonia
  • Dennis Woods:  Brother-in-law of the Stark's.  Please continue to pray for progression of health with no longer term adverse complications for Dennis who recently had a cardiac ablation to correct atrial fib.   To date he is doing well
  • Friend of the church:  Prayer requested for God's protection & covering over all law enforcement & military as they work to decrease unrest throughout the nation

Ministries New Life Church Supports*

  • Brunswick Christian Recovery Center:  Brunswick County - A large number of the residents (both men & women) experienced a COVID exposure on Friday (7/30).  The residents have all been tested but are quarantining at their respective facilities.  Please pray that God will place his hand of protection on them & heal them &  that no serious illness becomes of this exposure  Please also pray for the safety of the staff who assist and care for them on a daily basis
  • Beach House Recovery:  Calabash - Prayers for the recovery process for the guys involved in this program.
  • Dr. J – SE Asia:  Due to COVID-19 restrictions the area of Asia/Thailand where Dr. J ministers has shut its borders & she is sidelined in America.  Please pray for an open door for her return; please pray that the food supply chain in that region continue to remain open inspite of the logistical/security and danger issues involved in the transport of the supplies on a daily/monthly basis; please also pray for the many refugee kids & adults
  • John Appiah:   Ghana & his ministry to the area, especially during this time of COVID-19
  • Judy Bokelman:  Wycliffe Bible Translators - pray for the work of Bible translation across Africa; pray that God would call more people everywhere to become translators
  • Ministry of Mercy (Partners in Joy):  Please continue to pray for Dr. Omale & his family as they recover & heal from an armed robbery in his home; MoM schools still closed to curb COVID-19 spread.   The staff of MOM/Partners in Joy have asked for prayer for peace/provision/new staff/healing & salvation for all clinic participants; also requesting prayer for the Farms Tractor Project, for new orphans admitted & for the resources needed to raise them; for ongoing funding & blessings on this ministry
  • Walt & Mirjam DeMoss:  Walt shares that Mirjam recently became the language learning coordinator for their former country of service.   The 2 older children have started school  & Lois is "home-schooling" all of them!  MSG schools are halfway through the year & a new school opened in Hanoi & is doing well.  The family must renew their visas 3 times this year before obtaining permanent visas next year.   Walt/Mirjam are requesting prayer (1) God's wisdom in raising their kids (2) co-worker to assist with startup of a new school (3) wisdom for starting a school in Jakarta Indonesia & for teachers to work there.  Walt shares "....that in a new world increasingly shaped by a tiny virus, we can trust that God is ultimately in control; He is not panicked & not in lockdown.  He has chosen us to be His presence among people...".    
  • South Brunswick InterChurch Council:  The Lord's Food Pantry" (formerly called Food Pantry) - Seeking financial support to assist local community during this time of COVID-19;  prayer requested for all those participating recipients who receive food (names unspoken) & who are in need of prayer & God's touch
  • Two Burning Candles: Kenya (Ken & Patty Carter):  Prayer requested for ongoing work & funding of the Children's Rescue Center.  In February, a swarm of locusts came over the Center & farm.  In attempting to keep the swarm from landing, a fire was set that eventually got out of control & burned 2/3 of the food crops.   Currently it is challenging as they are unable to feed kids or the needy.  They are in the process of repurchasing plants & seeds to begin again.  The most pressing need is monthly support..  The Carters continue to seek God's wisdom in knowing the "next steps" / guidance in carrying out God's will in this ministry. 
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (Terry Maner): Prayer requested for Terry as he spends the summer seeking prayer and financial support partners for this ministry.

*Go to the ministries we support link for more information about these ministries