Prayer at New Life Church

New Life Church is committed to being a praying church, utilizing various individual and group means for demonstrating our total dependency upon God for our every need and for the fulfillment of His purposes in us. The prayer guide below provides a list of needs and concerns for which people connected with New Life Church have requested prayer. If you have a prayer request for which you'd like to ask the New Life Church family to pray, please go to the contact new life church link and fill out and submit the form with your request. Please include any privacy instructions (i.e., "withhold name," "use last name initial only," etc.) in your submitted request.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, 

that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need"

Hebrews 4;16

New Life Church Prayer guide

updated  May 24, 2019

Family Members of New Life Church


  • Nancy Carter:  Nancy had last in series of radiation treatments in April; has been experiencing low energy and soreness.  Please continue to pray for God's touch on Nancy life and complete healing
  • Green Family:  Seeking prayer for God's direction & wisdom with an unspoken request
  • Gerry Hoben:  Asking for God's continued touch on her for health, strength & encouragement
  • Jo Johnson:   Recently fell that resulted in two breaks to her left shoulder; she is recuperating at home; please pray for a successful healing with no complications and continue to pray for the healing of her recent knew replacement surgery; cards & calls are welcome
  • Terri Kears:  Continued prayer requested for God's ongoing direction(s)
  • Ray McDowell: For relief from back & hip pain
  • Randolph Family:  Please continue to remember the Randolph family in prayer as they remember Bunny and mourn her recent passing
  • Rick & Kim Fisher:  Prayers requested for God's direction in locating a different house that is perfect for them & their needs; also that Kim will be able to obtain employment in Brunswick County

Friends & Extended Family Members of New Life Church Family

  • Kathy Coleman:  Kathy's father who is showing improvement following a recent cardiac event (stroke); he continues to receive occupational/physical therapy  - is alert and progressing.   Prayers requested for God's healing touch, for wisdom for the medical team & for the family as they walk through this event with him
  • Erich & Janet Dunkelberger:  Son, Todd, involved in serious work accident last week leaving him with serious facial injuries; had surgery, is out of the hospital but continues to experience severe pain & loss of nutrition due to massive facial bone breaks.  Prayers requested for God's mercy, healing touch & guidance for the medical staff involved in Todd's care.  Prayer requested for his family also
  • Charlie & Janet Guido:  Personal friends - the Glover family - asking for God's healing touch on their lives
  • Reece & Gerry Hoben:  Goddaughter, Christina, diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer.  Praise the Lord!  Chemo completed -- doctors' report is incredible response to treatment as cancer is nearly irradicated -- Now entering Phase II that will be surgery scheduled for 04/01 to remove the remaining tumor.  Thank you everyone for your prayers please continue your prayers to support Christina & family for comfort & healing along with God's comfort, mercy & peace for her husband & 3 young children
  • Jo Johnson:  Grandson, Luke, at home, but receiving continuous chemo treatments following bone marrow transplant in December;  continued prayers requested for God's direction/wisdom in locating additional treatment options.  Prayers requested also for the family as they walk through this health challenge together
  • Jo Johnson/Karen Pierce:  Jo & Karen's older sister - Nancy & husband Paul - involved in car accident on Wednesday - both experienced  injuries (non-threatening), but will take a while to recover; prayers requested for God's healing touch, relief from pain and wisdom for medical staff involved in their care
  • Dennis & Petey Law:  Nephew Ryan - Praise the Lord!   Ryan was able to raise his left arm by himself this past week!  He is back in the rehab hospital continuing treatment following a spinal cord injury -  is improving but still requires  24-hour care; please continue to pray for God's healing touch on this young man's life, for wisdom for the medical staff as well as all who are providing care for Ryan;  prayer requested for sustained strength, guidance & grace for his family as they support Ryan in his ongoing health challenges.  The family thanks everyone & asks that we keep praying
  • Jerilyn Mullis:  Please prayer for Jerilyn's daughter-in-law, Dawn Wintle, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Cindy Nelson:  prayers requested for her son who needs God's touch & direction
  • Jo Rueter:  Jo's sister, Marlo - Recovering at home following extensive bowel surgery; prayers request for God's healing touch, reduction in pain, and progression of health
  • Tom & Connie Sheie:  daughter Christine - continued encouragement, protection & God's guidance in life;  friend, Lou N., - continued prayers for strength/encouragement for him & his family; friends Nancy, Michelle,  Mary & Rachel  - all with serious, ongoing health challenges; friend Al for improved health & salvation; neighbor Jim with colon cancer   
  • John & Pat Stark:  Pat's sister-in-law, Vicki, with complications from advanced COPD; extended family member with end-stage liver cancer passed away this morning - please remember his wife, son/daughter-in-law & grands as they mourn his passing
  • Rick & Kim Stanton:  Rick's office assistant, Lauren Gall is hospitalized (ICU) following surgery this past week - please pray for God's touch & healing & a positive outcome
  • Rick & Kim Stanton:  Rick's mother, Jacquelyn, has been hospitalized, and recovering from carotid artery surgery; expected to be released this past weekend; please continue to pray for God's healing touch & wisdom for medical team assisting in her care
  • Fred & Geri Weindelmayer: Prayers requested for the following family & friends with needs:  Son - Fred/family & the people of Chiang Mai, Thailand, who have the worst air pollution in the world -- many suffering from respiratory problems due to air quality; friend Sarah diagnosed with accute myeloid leukemia & Sawyer (Sarah's baby) who had to be delivered at 32 weeks due to Sarah's condition & receiving of chemo; Kim - brain cancer; 'Roger Gregorio & family for comfort & peace at the recent loss of his wife Terry; salvation for the following friends - Rich, Stella, Richie, Linda, Joe, Robbie & Shannon
  • Dennis Yurcisin:  Friend - Officer Harris Sheldon - shot & killed in Mooresville, NC this past weekend; prayers requested for his family & friends as they mourn his passing & adjust to life without him & for the protection & safety of all of law enforcement
  • Law Enforcement Community: Prayers for peace & protection has been requested for all of the law enforcement community
  • Friend of the church:  Joe - recently involved in serious accident at home; prayers for healing & full recovery without complications; financial support for medical expenses - emotional support for all of the family during this time of need


Ministries New Life Church Supports*

  • Brunswick Christian Recovery Center - Brunswick County - Prayers for God's continued blessing of this ministry
  • Dr. J – SE Asia - Continued prayers for success in the area that she serves
  • John Appiah – Ghana
  • Judy Bokelman – Wycliffe Bible Translators - pray for the work of Bible translation across Africa; pray that God would call more people everywhere to become translators
  • Ministry of Mercy (Partners in Joy) – Daniel Edeh - Director of MOM Orphanages & Medical Center in Nigeria recently involved in car crash -- discharged from hospital & transferred back to MOM in Lokoja; placed on oral medications & remains physically stable with chronic headaches significantly subsiding; will return to hospital in 2 weeks for repeat CT scan -- please continue to pray for progression of health, financial support, the Lord's raising up of leaders to assist Daniel in the carrying out of his ministry
  • SBIC Food Pantry - Brunswick County
  • Two Burning Candles: Kenya (Ken & Patty Carter) - Prayers requested for their ongoing work and the funding of the Children's Rescue Center

*Go to the ministries we support link for more information about these ministries