Prayer at New Life Church

New Life Church is committed to being a praying church, utilizing various individual and group means for demonstrating our total dependency upon God for our every need and for the fulfillment of His purposes in us. The prayer guide below provides a list of needs and concerns for which people connected with New Life Church have requested prayer. If you have a prayer request for which you'd like to ask the New Life Church family to pray, please go to the contact new life church link and fill out and submit the form with your request. Please include any privacy instructions (i.e., "withhold name," "use last name initial only," etc.) in your submitted request. 

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, 

that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need"

Hebrews 4;16

New Life Church Prayer Guide

updated  February 26, 2021

Family Members of New Life Church

  • Michael Canino:  Please continue to pray for Michael who recently had foot surgery & followed by complications including a serious  infection.  Mike continues to slowly progress.  Please continue to pray for God's touch on his body, especially in the area of the surgery.  Asking also that the Lord will grant complete healing to Michael with no long-term effects.  
  • Walter Carolus:  Walter is asking for prayer for his wife, Joan who recently fell & had difficulty walking.  Please continue to pray for God's touch on Joan.
  • Danielle Davis:   Danielle's family shared that her health has declined requiring Danelle to have 24/7 support.  Prayer requested for God's guidance in locating appropriate care that may include a care facility.  Also requesting prayer for comfort, peace & protection over Danielle as well as strength & peace for her family in the midst of these life-changing decisions & family transitions
  • Cheryl Green:  Please pray for Cheryl who will be having cataract surgery on Thursday, February 18th.  Asking for God's protection for success without complications.
  • Hughes Family:  Please continue to pray for the Hughes' daughter-in-law & grandson Anna & Baby Jack.  Jack was recently evaluated by physicians at Duke & it appears as though he is progressing in his recovery.  He will have another CT scan in 2 months to ensure his skull is healing as it should.  Anna's ankle is also healing.  The entire family give God all the glory realized in the improvements and healing that are taking place.  They all thank the NLC family for your friendship/prayers & faithfulness in this time of need.
  • Sarah Johnson:  Sarah's 91-year old mother - Teeny Anderson - is back in hospital suffering from aspiration pneumonia.  Prayer is being requested for mom's healing & recovery, wisdom for next steps with decisions on the best place to live post rehab
  • Sarah Johnson:  Sarah's blood pressured has stabilized; she is still under the care of a cardiologist along with some life style adjustments.  Please continue to pray for progression of health for Sarah.    
  • Ann Otten:  Ann has asked for continued prayer for herself & her family.  She has relocated to Conway, Arkansas to be near them.  She specifically asks to be remembered as she is settling-in -- the adjustment is hard but her family is supportive.  She thanks the family of NLC for all of the help & prayers offered on her behalf over many years & wishes everyone a very Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year.
  • Robin Reinhardt:  Robin is "Praising God & giving Him all the Glory" for the ways He has intervened & answered the prayers she & the church family offered on her behalf.  She shares that God's provision & timing are greater than anything she could have asked for.  Included in those prayers was a request for a new job....which she starts this week!   She thanks our church family for praying on her behalf.
  • Barbara Rice:  Son Michael is out of the hospital and recovering at home from COVID-19. He continues to progress but very slowly;  Please pray for God's touch, covering & continual improvement of health with no lingering side-effects from this virus.
  • Louise Robbins:  Please continue to pray for Louise as she heals from a traumatic brain injury.  The family has asked for wisdom for the doctors as they select the correct medication to treat an unexpected infection, that the medication will work as it is suppose to & for God's touch that Louise heals completely from this injury.  Please remember all of Louise's family that God would continue to grant calmness,  peace & rest as they continue to provide care for their mother/grandmother.  Louise & family have shared that your calls & cards have been a great encouragement to her throughout this ordeal & welcomes continued communication.  Please call church office for contact information.
  • Jo Rueter:  Recovering at home from knee surgery.  Did well in surgery & continues to progress.  Please continue to pray that the knee will heal completely and function as it should and that she has no post-surgery infections.
  • Connie Sheie:   Please continue to pray for Connie who had back surgery in December 2020.  She is at home recovering - doing well with occasional muscle spasms.  Please continue to pray for God's touch & complete healing with no infection & minimal to no pain
  • Fred Weindelmayer:  Fred had cardio conversion on Thursday 1/28/2010 to correct atrial fibrillation -- procedure went well -- heart beating as it should!  "Thank you to everyone for your prayers -- they do work!"  

Friends & Extended Family Members of New Life Church Family

  • Amy Davis:  Amy's sister-in-law, Janet Buchanan diagnosed with cancer - chemotherapy is to begin next week, followed by surgery.  Prayers for God's touch on Janet's life is requested.  Please also remember Amy's oldest brother Andy who is hospitalized in Winston-Salem with a GI bleed
  • Charlie & Janet Guido:  Charlie's niece, Meghan - pregnant with 2nd child.  Early tests suggested possibility of spina bifida for Meghan's unborn child; further ultra sound testing has shown this to be a normal pregnancy.  Janet/Charlie & the entire family are "praising God" for this outcome.  The family thanks everyone of New Life Church for their prayerful support.
  • Dennis & Petey Law:    COVID restrictions have set Ryan's daily rehab back. His attitude remains upbeat but progression of strength and mobility remains minimal.  Prayer is requested for God's intervention, mercy & touch  during this COVID climate that will allow him to carry on with activities of daily living
  • Maria & Joe Petty:  The Petty's have requested prayer for Joe's sister-in-law, Karie - recently diagnosed with breast cancer. They are hopeful this early identification will provide a good diagnosis for treatment.  Karie is meeting with her doctor on Monday (12/14)  to determine next steps.  Please pray for God's touch on Karie and for wisdom of the medical team as they work out a treatment plan.  Also pray for comfort and peace for Karie and her family in the midst of this unexpected health challenge. 
  • Friend of the church:  Prayer requested for God's protection & covering over all law enforcement & military as they work to decrease unrest throughout the nation
  • Vision Square Eye Care:  Prayer requested for Dr. Chris Moshures, wife, Karen (owners)  & all of the staff of Vision Square Eye Care - especially those who worked in the Shallotte Office.  The business suffered a major fire in the early morning hours of Monday (2/1/2021) & destroyed almost everything inside/outside the building & includes damage to the adjacent business in the strip mall.   Please pray for God's guidance, wisdom. comfort & peace for all involved as they work through all the legal requirements, help the staff adjust to new work locations & schedules, all while continuing to process the emotional trauma of this tragedy as they seek to realize a new normal
  • Brunswick County, NC - Please pray for all of the residents of Brunswick County who were in the midst of last night's storm.  There was much devastation -- many lost power, some lost their homes, some were injured & a few people lost their lives.  Massive cleanup efforts are underway.  Please pray for comfort & peace for the victims of this storm. Please also pray for safety for those responders who are assisting in the clean up operations.   

Ministries New Life Church Supports*

  • Brunswick Christian Recovery Center:  Brunswick County - Please pray for the residents & staff at BCRC.  A number of the residents have recently tested positive with the COVID-19 virus.  Asking for God's touch, healing & protection over the entire organization, especially those recently diagnosed with the virus.  Please also continue to pray for God's continued blessing on this ministry that helps participants to recover & successfully assimilate back into society. The Rose House (arm of BCRC) - Prayers for success as they prepare to open the women's recovery center
  • Beach House Recovery:  Calabash - Prayers for the recovery process for the guys involved in this program.
  • Dr. J – SE Asia:  Due to COVID-19 restrictions the area of Asia/Thailand where Dr. J ministers has shut its borders & she is sidelined in America.  Please pray for an open door for her return; please pray that the food supply chain in that region continue to remain open inspite of the logistical/security and danger issues involved in the transport of the supplies on a daily/monthly basis; please also pray for the many refugee kids & adults
  • John Appiah:   Ghana & his ministry to the area, especially during this time of COVID-19
  • Judy Bokelman:  Wycliffe Bible Translators - pray for the work of Bible translation across Africa; pray that God would call more people everywhere to become translators
  • Ministry of Mercy (Partners in Joy):  Please continue to pray for Dr. Omale & his family as they recover & heal from an armed robbery in his home; MoM schools still closed to curb COVID-19 spread.   The staff of MOM/Partners in Joy have asked for prayer for peace/provision/new staff/healing & salvation for all clinic participants; also requesting prayer for the Farms Tractor Project, for new orphans admitted & for the resources needed to raise them; for ongoing funding & blessings on this ministry
  • Walt & Mirjam DeMoss:  Walt shares that Mirjam recently became the language learning coordinator for their former country of service.   The 2 older children have started school  & Lois is "home-schooling" all of them!  MSG schools are halfway through the year & a new school opened in Hanoi & is doing well.  The family must renew their visas 3 times this year before obtaining permanent visas next year.   Walt/Mirjam are requesting prayer (1) God's wisdom in raising their kids (2) co-worker to assist with startup of a new school (3) wisdom for for starting a school in Jakarta Indonesia & for teachers to work there.  Walt shares "....that in a new world increasingly shaped by a tiny virus, we can trust that God is ultimately in control; He is not panicked & not in lockdown.  He has chosen us to be His presence among people...".    
  • South Brunswick InterChurch Council:  The Lord's Food Pantry" (formerly called Food Pantry) - Seeking financial support to assist local community during this time of shut-downs due to COVID-19;  prayer requested for all those participating recipients who receive food (names unspoken) & who are in need of prayer & God's touch
  • Two Burning Candles: Kenya (Ken & Patty Carter):  Prayer requested for ongoing work & funding of the Children's Rescue Center, funding of the "Agricultural Project" that will feed the needy & the girls when the school is allowed to open as well as for all of the sub-groups associated with these projects.  The Carters are seeking God's wisdom in knowing the exact time to return to Kenya, part of which is dependent on approval of work permits.  Please also continue to pray for "next steps" / guidance in carrying out God's will in this ministry. 

*Go to the ministries we support link for more information about these ministries