Prayer at New Life Church

New Life Church is committed to being a praying church, utilizing various individual and group means for demonstrating our total dependency upon God for our every need and for the fulfillment of His purposes in us. The prayer guide below provides a list of needs and concerns for which people connected with New Life Church have requested prayer. If you have a prayer request for which you'd like to ask the New Life Church family to pray, please go to the contact new life church link and fill out and submit the form with your request. Please include any privacy instructions (i.e., "withhold name," "use last name initial only," etc.) in your submitted request.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace,

that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need"

Hebrews 4:16

New Life Church Prayer Guide

Updated September 21, 2023

Members of New Life Church and Immediate Family

Ramon and Nini Margallo: Ramon has asked us to pray for good results from a biopsy being done tomorrow of white lesions on his soft palate. Also, please pray for Nini's continued recovery from her recent surgery.  (updated 9/21)

Debbie Parks: Debbie's son, David, has had an infection in his pancreas that has spread to other organs. He is in multi organ failure and in a coma. The doctors are trying to save him but are not optimistic.  Please pray for a miraculous healing and pray that Debbie will have peace.  (updated 9/21)

Carroll Burke: We received this prayer request update from Dennis Burke: "She [Carroll] has been approved for surgery related to her Parkinson's diagnosis. She will be having brain surgery at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC on October 3rd. This will be followed by another, less invasive, surgery at Duke on Oct. 10th. Please pray for peace for Carroll, successful surgery and good results." (updated 9/20)

Eric Dunkelberger: Eric had successful surgery this morning to repair a hernia.  However, the surgeon nicked his bladder, so Eric has to stay overnight and have a catheter for a week.  Please pray for quick healing and that everything else goes well. (updated 9/15)

Cecelia Tabler: Craig Tabler reports that Cecelia continues to do well after her knee replacement surgery earlier this week. Although she has experienced the expected pain, stiffness and some burning, Craig reports that each day she is getting stronger. physically and mentally.  Praise God for answered prayer.  (updated 9/15)

Susan Xanthos: Susan would like to thank everyone for their prayers the last couple of weeks.  She will be having a stint put in and a valve replacement in the near future.  (updated 9/13)

Debbie Robinson: Debbie, who had a knee replacement recently, is still experiencing a swollen knee.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctor she sees on Wednesday and for complete healing.  (updated 9/11)

April Farquhar: April's son, Donnie, passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer.  Please keep April and all of Donnie's family in your prayers.  (updated 9/10)

Buff Andresen:  Buff and Judy will be going back to Duke on September 18 where Buff will begin 2 weeks of daily (Mon-Fri) intensive radiation to kill the cancer in his pelvis area which the doctors say should greatly reduce or remove his back pain and sciatica symptoms. They will be staying at Caring House, a nearby affordable housing facility which also provides shuttle service to the hospital. In addition, Buff will continue receiving immunotherapy every 3 weeks. Buff and Judy so much appreciate the support and prayers they have already received from their NLC family.  (updated 9/9)

Nancy Steele: Please pray for our sister, Nancy, who is now in end stage congestive heart failure.  Nancy will be starting palliative care soon.  (updated 9/8)

Rob Walters: We have been praying for Rob's brother Russell, who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Cyndi provides this update: "He just started a low dose of chemo for 3 weeks . At the end of September, he will be going to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for four weeks for a trial drug. Please pray that the treatment is successful."  (updated 9/7)


Lora Nye: Lora shares "My mother Peggy is in the hospital now with heart failure. They will be drawing fluid off her lungs, and then she will go to a skilled nursing center. They are going to call hospice. She has anxiety and needs peace. She is a believer. (updated  (9/7)

Lora Nye: Our sister writes: "Our daughter, Angie, had an ultrasound yesterday, and they found she has gall stones. The doctor wants her to come in Friday to start scheduling surgery. They also found she has endometriosis, and the doctor wants to see her this coming Monday. Please pray for the Lord to guide the doctors, and that everything will go well. She has two young children and a very demanding job. Her sister will come stay with her to help."  (updated 9/7)

Jay and Lisa Hall: Jay and Lisa have asked the following: "Please pray for our daughter, Sarah. She has CRPS, and it has led to gastroparesis.  She is very undernourished because her feeding tube isn't working.  She is waiting to get into John Hopkins, but she can't keep on with no nutrition indefinitely.  Pray she gets in before it is too late, or better yet, pray God heals her here. She has two teen boys who need their mom.  (submitted 9/3, updated 9/5)

Janet Russ: Janet is recovering well from her recent surgery to remove the hardware in her elbow area from an accident in February. We praise God that she was able to join us last Sunday for worship!  (updated 9/4)

Rosalie Carroll: Our sister is requesting prayer for a fractured finger to heal and for a cardiac workup she will be getting in September. (updated 8/27)

Lacey Graves: Our sister has a torn rotator cuff.  She is asking us to pray that the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections and physical therapy will help.  If it doesn't, she may require surgery.  (updated 8/22)


Friends & Extended Family

Dan Conte: We have been praying for Dan's friend, Joe, who has been struggling with cancer and a severe reaction to his chemotherapy.  Dan updates: "Joe  had a stent put in yesterday.  He made it through the procedure but is on liquid foods. This is a very difficult time for Joe and his wife."  (updated 9/21)

Patty Wroblewski: Patty is asking us to pray for her sister-in-law, Marianne, who is experiencing A-fib.  Please pray that the doctors get this under control.  (updated 9/15)

Janet Russ: A couple of months ago, Bill and Janet had asked us to pray for their friends, Bob and Teri Hooper, who live in Lexington, SC. Bob is suffering with a brain tumor and their daughter, Erika, recently died . Bill and Janet appreciate your continuing prayers for their friends and have provided the following update: "Bob has finished with all radiation treatments for the brain tumor and is now back to chemotherapy. They are preparing for Hospice nurses to help as he progresses to lose the ability to walk. Please pray for continuing strength for both of them as they cope daily with change and grieve in the loss of their daughter."  (updated 9/8)

Cecilia Tabler: Cecelia provides the following update for her brother's girlfriend, Peggy, who had a double mastectomy about a month ago.  "Peggy is still having a lot of pain and is taking a lot of pain medication and she's praying that she would not get hooked on the pain meds."  (updated 9/8)

Dan Conte: Dan's friend, Toni, who has been battling pancreatic cancer for over 7 years while dealing with MS, was having some issues with her chemo.  Dan updates "Toni is tolerating treatment and praying that she doesn't get any infections from the port for her chemo."  (updated 9/8)

Paul Nye: Paul had asked us to pray his cousin, Debbie, who recently had successful neck surgery. She is now in ,rehab but still has a lot of pain.  Now the doctors have found kidney cancer and are trying to decide how to deal with this.  Please continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors, pain management, and peace for Debbie and her family.  (updated 9/7)

Paul Nye: Our brother had asked us to pray for his cousin, George Samson, because he was told that he needed a liver transplant within 90 days.  George went to the Mayo Clinic in Florida and had his gall bladder removed and now they think maybe they can correct his liver issue without a transplant.  (updated 9/7)

JoAnn Hasulak: JoAnn had requested prayer for her cousin's wife, Rene Wagner, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. JoAnn provides this update: "Rene has had only two chemo treatments instead of the 4 she was supposed to have because of low blood count and liver enzymes. She also is having a lot of stomach pain which they think might be her gall bladder. They will do testing. She lost all of her hair which they told her she wouldn't. But, she had a good attitude about it. Her husband, my cousin Greg, is frustrated with the doctor and they may seek out an opinion. She doesn't want to leave the facility though because she really likes it there. Please continue to pray for healing and wisdom in making decisions. Thank you for your prayers."  (updated 9/7)


Cyndi Walters: Our sister had requested prayer for her cousin, Gary, who had to have emergency surgery on his colon which was followed by complications, He is home from the hospital again.  Please pray for him to recover without any more setbacks. (updated 9/7)

Lora Nye: Our sister shares: "My brother, Jeff, asked that our church pray for his three grandchildren Tanner, Sara and Tucker. Their father passed away about two years ago. They are going down a very bad path and getting into trouble. Please pray God will draw them to salvation and that they find comfort and peace in Christ. Please pray for guidance and comfort for their mother."  (updated 9/7)

Lacey and George Graves: George and Lacey have asked the following: "Please pray for someone we just met. His name is Adam Thompson, and he has Stage 4 liver cancer.  (updated 9/5)

Tim Gilman: Tim has asked us to pray for his friend, Chris Rensberger, who is in his last stages of treatment for bone cancer.  (updated 9/1 - posted 9/4)

John Bodie: Our brother shares the following: "Please pray for my family.  We just lost our first cousin, Jeff Hurt, my dad's sister's only son yesterday from a heart attack." (updated 8/30)


Rosalie Carroll: Rosalie is asking for prayer for a friend, Tom Sebra, who is having surgery on Wednesday for cancer.  (updated 8/27)

Robin Canino: Our sister is asking us to pray for her friend, Linda, who is going through some really hard times.  Also please pray for Linda's teenage granddaughter, Laney, who has tried to commit suicide and has had a mental breakdown. Robin has assured her friend that our church family would be praying for both her and her granddaughter.  (updated 8/10)

Cyndi Walters: Cyndi shares: "I have a friend whose nephew, Nathan, was diagnosed with sjogrens syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease which affects the entire body. He's not a believer so please pray for his salvation as well as his diagnosis."  (updated 8/7)


Ministries New Life Church Supports


John Appiah: Tim Gilman, our liaison to our brother John who is a missionary in his native country of Ghana,, received the following e-mail this morning: "Hello Brother Tim, Calvary greetings from my family and the Church in Ghana to you and saints in Sunset Beach.  I have not been well health wise since I came back to Ghana. My blood pressure rose up 200/185 for long time. I went to two hospitals but to not avail until my prayer partner introduced a specialist doctor to me. It was through him he found out that my heart was bloated and slightly affected my kidney. He put me on medication and advised me to slow down.  I have not been going round as I used to. I went to check on a school project and will be going to the Muslim-North on Tuesday 24th to see where we can drill a Well for the villagers. I want to do that myself with some of the leaders. Aside these not much has been achieved so far. By God's grace I am doing much better that I came. Please keep me in prayers. Yours in Him, John K Appiah  (updated 5/3)


Christian Recovery Center Inc:  Please continue to pray for CRCI as they branch out in our County, helping their residents recover from many different addictions.


Beach House Recovery:  Calabash - Prayers for the recovery process for the guys involved in this program.


Dr. J – SE Asia:  Due to COVID-19 restrictions the area of Asia/Thailand where Dr. J ministers has shut its borders & she is sidelined in America.  Please pray for an open door for her return; please pray that the food supply chain in that region continue to remain open in spite of the logistical/security and danger issues involved in the transport of the supplies on a daily/monthly basis; please also pray for the many refugee kids & adults.


Judy Bokelman:  Wycliffe Bible Translators: Pray for the work of Bible translation all over the world. Pray that God would call more people everywhere to become translators. Pray for Judy as she serves and works with the leadership team.


Ministry of Mercy (Partners in Joy):  They have submitted the following prayer requests:  (1) that God would send more caregivers to help to take care of the many orphaned babies who come to their Centers;  (2) for the resources/supplies needed to run the orphanage (3)  for health &  educational needs of the older children (4) for assistance in the new projects of expansion being undertaken by the staff to enlarge the facilities; (5) financial support of caregivers/teachers & medical staff & healthcare workers (6) new converts  (7) for funding & blessings on this ministry.


Walt & Mirjam DeMoss:  Walt has asked for prayer as he starts a fourth MSG school, maintains the other three schools & is planning for a new school in India.  He continues to teach full time at the MSG school in Chiangmai.  Mirjam is the language learning coordinator for their former country of service.   All of this at times is overwhelming for him/them.  He & Mirjam are requesting continued prayer for the school staff & house parents as well as recruitment for additional staff.  They have also asked that we pray for their son Micha's growth.


South Brunswick InterChurch Council:  The Lord's Food Pantry" (formerly called Food Pantry) - Seeking financial support to assist local community during this time of COVID-19;  prayer requested for all those participating recipients who receive food (names unspoken) & who are in need of prayer & God's touch.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (Terry Maner):   Please remember Terry & his work with InterVarsity..  Please pray for the ongoing "replanting" work in which he is involved.  He is asking for specific prayer for 5 students & the CCU in general as well as opportunities to share the gospel with students on campus.  The staff recently participated in a "Spiritual Formation Retreat" that gave them opportunity to be refreshed and renewed in their spiritual lives.  Terry has asked for the Holy Spirit's continual covering and attuned to Spirit-led attentiveness to what God is doing in the lives of staff in the Carolinas region.