Prayer at New Life Church

New Life Church is committed to being a praying church, utilizing various individual and group means for demonstrating our total dependency upon God for our every need and for the fulfillment of His purposes in us. The prayer guide below provides a list of needs and concerns for which people connected with New Life Church have requested prayer. If you have a prayer request for which you'd like to ask the New Life Church family to pray, please go to the contact new life church link and fill out and submit the form with your request. Please include any privacy instructions (i.e., "withhold name," "use last name initial only," etc.) in your submitted request.

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, 

that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need"

Hebrews 4;16

New Life Church Prayer guide

updated  October 12, 2019

Family Members of New Life Church

  • Bill & Nancy Carter:  Having challenges with irregular heart beat, regulating blood pressure & knee pain; Nancy still experiencing some issues following her surgery & subsequent radiation treatments;   Please continue to pray for God's touch on their lives as well as their health issues
  • Cheryl Green:  Asking for prayer for cataract surgery on November 20th & December 4th respectively.  She is requesting prayer that she do everything required of her before, during & after the surgeries - especially taking all the drops for 6 weeks
  • Gerry Hoben:  Asking for God's continued touch on her for health, strength & encouragement
  • Diane Hughes:  Praising God for answered prayer of a recent unspoken request; and also praising God for continued healing of her mother's broken wrist.
  • Raleigh Putnam Family:  Please continue to pray for the Putnam family as they mourn the passing of Raleigh's mother - Gwen - and adjust to life without her.  Prayers requested for all of the Putnam family as well
  • Kim Stanton:  Continued prayers for Kim as she searches for employment closer to their new home

Friends & Extended Family Members of New Life Church Family

  • Tamara Bodros:   Husband, Allen, undergoing testing for prostate cancer; requesting prayer for God's covering while facing this health challenge
  • Jack & Joann Bendy:  Prayer requested for friend - Linda - for encouragement & strength as she goes through treatment of rectal cancer & is also dealing with diabetic complications; prayers for recovery & healing following surgery
  • Carroll Family:  Prayer requested for salvation& guidance for their son, a  recent military retiree
  • Deborah Christenburg:  Please pray for physical & spiritual health of a neighbor who has cancer
  • Kathy Coleman:  Continued prayer requested for Kathy's father as he rehabs following a cardiac event a few months ago;  progression is long/slow.  Kathy asking for God's healing touch, wisdom for all involved in his care
  • Amy Davis: Amy's cousin - Carol M - diagnosis of cancer in lymph nodes in chest -- preparing for additional treatments of  chemo & radiation
  • Janet & Erich Dunkelberger:  Brother-in-law, Gary - prayers for healing an unknown illness; sister, Karen - had knee surgery on 8/28 and is struggling with rehab; neighbor Joe - prayer requested for God's touch following discovery of white spots on one of this lung lobes
  • Kim Fisher: - Friend, Tami recovering at home following a severe dog bite; prayers for physical & emotional healing of this trauma
  • Janet & Charlie Guido:  The Guido's have requested prayer for their grandson - Paulie - who is experiencing panic attacks; pray that he will get the medical care needed to address the root cause of this health challenge; also, daughter-in-law, JeanAnn who is having health challenges of an unknown nature - prayer requested for her medical team to discern the root cause & treat effectively
  • Carol Graham:  Prayer requested for new grandson - Bennett - born at 37 weeks and experiencing some difficulties; requesting God's touch on this new life He has given
  • Reece & Gerry Hoben:  Goddaughter, Christina, relays her "thanks" for all prayers offered on her behalf for the stage 3 breast cancer; continued prayer requested as she enters the next round of chemo treatment expected to last 3-4 months, wisdom for the medical team involved in her care, as well as support for her & God's comfort, healing & mercy for her husband & 3 young children
  • Friends of the church:  Sara & Jed Johnson - requesting prayer for God's covering as they settle on the sell of their house in Greensboro on 10/08/19 & a smoothe transition as they are relocating to our area in these next few weeks
  • Dennis & Petey Law:  Continued prayer requested for nephew Ryan.   Ryan has experienced small improvements in his healing while continuing to receive treatment in a rehab hospital following spinal cord injury; his needs are great as he requires 24-hour care; please continue to pray for God's healing touch on this young man's life, for wisdom for the medical staff as well as all who are providing care for Ryan;  prayer requested for sustained strength, guidance & grace for his family as they support Ryan in his ongoing health challenges.  Many thanks come from the family to all who have remembered Ryan in prayer
  • Cindy Nelson:  Please continue to prayer for her son, David who is reaching out to Christ for direction and help; he has located a home church; pray for strength as he makes life decision
  • Paul & Janet Perse:  Friends of NLC  requesting prayer for a close family member who needs the Lord
  • Louise Robbins:  Please  for God's touch, guidance for the medical staff providing care & healing for a friend who is hospitalized with extensive health issues
  • Tom & Connie Sheie:  Prayer requested for close friend (81 y/o) who fell this past week & broke her hip & wrist; has had surgery & is healing
  • John & Pat Stark:  Pat's sister-in-law, Vicki who is in final stages of COPD/congestive heart failure/kidney failure; continued prayer requested for close family friend, Tom as he heals from prostate cancer; continued prayer for friend Ryan - as he & children heal from wounds of divorce; close friends who need God's love, protective covering & direction
  • Karen Tedor: Prayer requested for friend Palma who has a frontal temporal disorder
  • Truesdale Family:  Prayer requested for the family of Sara Truesdale who recently passed; please continue to remember all of the family during this time of loss, grief  & adjustment.  
  • Fred & Geri Weindelmayer:  Son, Fred & his family - continued safety as they travel to minister on the East Coast & for the Holy Spirit's guidance, grace & mercy; family & friends who need God's touch:  Maria - assurance of salvation & to be set free from fear & anxiety; neighbors' willingness to listen to the gospel & being open to receive salvation; Becky - salvation; healing from alternate lifestyle; Michael - salvation & healing of lung disease; John & Carolyn - salvation & children
  • Law Enforcement Community: Continued prayers requested for peace & protection for all of the law enforcement community
  • Friend of NLC - Prayer requested for a neighbor dealing with chronic pain & depression; daughter-in-law's mental health
  • Friend of NLC - Requesting prayer for encouragement, strength & peace to deal with the side effects of chemo for a family member with stage 4 colon & liver cancer
  • Friend of NLC:  Requesting prayer for a family member to find healing/wholeness while going through cancer treatment & that everyone she comes in contact with be a source of love to her
  • Friend of NLC:  Carolyn Gibson's sister Regina, recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer; prayers for a successful outcome following surgery scheduled for 10/07/19


Ministries New Life Church Supports*

  • Brunswick Christian Recovery Center - Brunswick County - Prayers for God's continued blessing of this ministry
  • Beach House Recovery - Calabash - Prayers for the recovery process for the guys involved in this program.
  • Dr. J – SE Asia - Continued prayers for success in the area that she serves
  • John Appiah – Ghana
  • Judy Bokelman – Wycliffe Bible Translators - pray for the work of Bible translation across Africa; pray that God would call more people everywhere to become translators
  • Ministry of Mercy (Partners in Joy) – Prayer requested for God's protection & covering over this ministry, God's complete healing of Daniel's body following car accident several months ago; financial support, & that the Lord will raise up leaders to assist Daniel in the carrying out of his ministry
  • Walt & Mirjiam De Moss - The DeMoss family rented & moved into a house early September & have purchased a vehicle.  The Modular School Group (MSG) in Chiangmai began 09/09 & the one in Laos began its 2nd year.  Please remember the family as they move forward in their new location; special prayer requested for children, especially Micah as he begins school in a new place, for Walt's language school & the MSG schools for this year as well as the ongoing mission responsibilities.  They are seeking  God's guidance & protection in all of this
  • SBIC Food Pantry - Brunswick County;  participating recipients who receive food (names unspoken) & who are in need of prayer & God's touch
  • Two Burning Candles: Kenya (Ken & Patty Carter) - Prayers requested for their ongoing work and the funding of the Children's Rescue Center; prayer also requested for "next steps" & guidance in carrying out God's will in this ministry

*Go to the ministries we support link for more information about these ministries