New Life Church Staff & Leadership

New Life Church is blessed to have a number of men and women with loving hearts who give of their time and energy to serve God through providing leadership and direction for the ministries of the church. Together these staff, officers, leaders, and coordinators serve God, New Life Church, and our neighbors through servant leadership, partnering with church volunteers to carry out the ministries of New Life Church. Meet some of the men and women who help make New Life Church a city on a hill in Calabash and beyond. To contact one of these servant leaders, click on this contact New Life Church link, type out your inquiry, and we'll forward to the appropriate person.

New Life Staff

Our New Life staff is composed of a combination of full and part time employees who use their gifts to enhance the worship, fellowship, and outreach ministries of the church. These staff members work in partnership with one another and other leaders, ministry coordinators, and volunteers help New Life Church flourish for the glory of God.

  • Pat Stark

    Administrative Assistant

    Pat is the administrative assistant of New Life Church, the point person who keeps our operations running and our people organized, informed, and interconnected. Pat oversees our communications, managing the website & print media, sending out correspondence, and publicizing events. She enjoys coordinating teams for ministries & helping people use their gifts. Her base of operations is at the church office located in The Brunswick Center at Calabash. Pat and her husband John are northern transplants who now live in Little River.

  • Terry Maner

    Lead Pastor

    Terry is the lead pastor of New Life Church and one of the elders on the church session. Terry's ministry background includes college student ministries with InterVarsity, Christian counseling in private practice, and local church pastoral ministry. Terry was called to pastor Sunset Beach Community Church in 2017 and led the church through a season of transition and reformation that led to the formation of New Life Church in 2018. He is married to Carole & they live in Calabash.

  • Carole Maner

    Praise Music Coordinator, Pianist

    Carole is the church pianist and the coordinator for the praise team that leads music on Sunday mornings. Carole enjoys seeking and finding songs that are theologically sound, musically engaging, and God glorifying. She has partnered with her husband, Terry, in worship music leadership with college students and in churches throughout their married life in Virginia, Canada, Colorado, and North Carolina. Carole and Terry reside in Calabash.

  • Elaine Sprinkle

    Choral Music director

    Elaine is the director of the choral music ministries of the church. Elaine loves music and enjoys helping groups of people blend their voices together to praise God. She brings her many years of singing and conducting experience to New Life Church following years of serving as the choir director at Sunset Beach Community Church.  Elaine and her husband, Bill, reside in Calabash.

New Life Leadership: Elders & Deacons

New Life Church Deacons and Elders are elected officers who oversee the various ministries and operations of the church. Elders provide spiritual and directional oversight for the church, shepherding and leading the church through God-centered, Biblical, Gospel-driven teaching, guidance, and nurture. Deacons (in partnership with the Deaconesses below) oversee the mercy ministries of the church, coordinating the use of our church resources, material and human, so that our church and our neighbors tangibly experience the love of God. These men partner with the deaconesses, ministry coordinators, and church body to foster unity, charity, and health in New Life Church.

  • John Green


    John Green is a deacon at New Life Church. John & his wife Cheryl were members at Sunset Beach Community Church for two years before it became New Life Church. John has served as a deacon at other churches and led nursing home ministries prior to moving to this area. John is currently ministering to residents at Arbor Landing, visiting and sharing the good news of Jesus with people there. John & Cheryl live with their grandson Justice in Sunset Beach.

  • Charlie Guido


    Charlie Guido is a deacon at New Life Church. Charlie served as a deacon for a number of years at Sunset Beach Community Church before it became New Life Church. Charlie has a love for God's word, a passion for sharing the gospel with non-believers, and a heart for showing mercy to those in need. Charlie and his wife Janet live in Carolina Shores.

  • Rod Hughes


    Rod Hughes is a deacon at New Life Church. Rod's gifts for mercy ministry are evident in the sensitivity he has to the needs of others and the numerous ways that offers himself in service to people in the congregation and in our community. His background in finance makes him a valuable steward in the area of finances for NLC. Rod & his wife Dianne live in Sunset Beach.

  • Terry Maner

    Elder, Pastor

    See Terry's bio above under his staff listing. Part of Terry's role as lead pastor of New Life Church involves being an equal partner with other elders as a member of the church session, a group of those called and elected to be the overseers & shepherd-leaders of the church. The elders are partners in overseeing the spiritual health, direction, & vitality of the church. Terry is the lead shepherd & teaching elder of the church, feeding the sheep through the ministry of the Word and the Sacraments and guiding the church in seeking both green pastures and lost sheep.

  • Buff AnDresen


    Buff Andresen is an Elder at New Life Church. Buff and his wife Judy lived in New Jersey where Buff served as an elder, praise team leader, and Bible study leader in a church plant in Milford, NJ for almost 30 years before moving to this area in 2018. Upon coming to New Life Church, Buff & Judy immediately put their gifts to work in the life of the church, getting involved in leadership, music, and hospitality ministries, infectiously drawing and inspiring others to do the same. Buff & Judy live in Calabash.

  • John Stark


    John Stark is an Elder at New Life Church. John and his wife Pat have lived in the Calabash area since 2015 and were involved at Sunset Beach Community Church before it became New Life Church. John's conversion to Christ in his teens and his career as a research scientist have shaped his faith, giving him a heart for loving and guiding God's people into mature faith and reaching non-believers through compassionate, thoughtful witness. John & Pat live in Little River.

New Life Leadership: Deaconesses, Deacon Assistants, & Ministry Coordinators

Deaconesses at New Life Church include the wives of our elders and deacons and other commissioned women gifted in mercy ministry. Deaconesses join with the Deacons to encourage, develop, and harness the resources of the church in the service of the needs of others. Ministry Coordinators are point persons who help lead, facilitate, and coordinate various worship, fellowship, outreach, and hospitality ministries of the church. Deaconesses and ministry coordinators help New Life Church provide tangible compassion in our church, in our communities, and in our world.

  • Janet Guido

    Deaconess & Children's Ministry Coordinator

    Janet Guido is a deaconess and the coordinator for children's church and education ministries at New Life Church. She has a heart for children and for seeing them receive God-centered, age appropriate teaching on Sunday mornings. She has recently selected a great curriculum and seeks volunteers for this ministry to children. Janet is married to Charlie and they live in Carolina Shores.

  • Erich & Janet Dunkelberger

    Deacon Assistants and Food Pantry Ministry Coordinators

    Erich & Janet Dunkelberger coordinate our partnership with the South Brunswick Interchurch Council sponsored food pantry. Erich & Janet have served in this ministry under Jo Johnson's leadership over the past several years, and willingly accepted the baton of leadership from Jo recently. The Dunkelbergers lead New Life Church's participation in the ministry of dispensing food on select Saturdays throughout the year.

  • Carole Maner

    Deaconess and Women's Bible Study Coordinator

    Carole Maner is a deaconess and is the coordinator for Women's Bibles Studies at New Life Church. Carole has extensive training and experience in leading Precept Bible Studies and loves to study the Scriptures inductively and lead groups of women in the discovery of the riches found in God's Word.

  • Dianne Hughes

    deaconess and fellowship Meals coordinator

    Dianne Hughes coordinates our first Sunday of the month fellowship meals and special dinners at New Life Church. Dianne's demonstrated passion for welcoming and connecting with others flows into this ministry of hospitality at NLC. Eating together is a practice we emphasize at New Life, and Dianne works with volunteers and the congregation to facilitate hospitality and fellowship. Dianne is married to Rod and they reside in Sunset Beach.

  • Connie Sheie

    Deaconess and Mercy Meals Coordinator

    Connie is the coordinator of mercy meals, meals prepared for those who are or have been sick, injured, or bereaved, or who could use the encouragement or sustenance offered through the ministry of food. Connie is a registered nurse and certified nurse midwife who has a heart for extending help, comfort, and mercy to those in need. Connie is married to Tom and they live in Ocean Isle Beach.

  • Marge Walz

    Deaconess and Sunday Morning Refreshments Coordinator

    Marge Walz is our coordinator of refreshments for our Sunday morning fellowship times. The Sunday morning coffee, tea, and refreshments provide hospitality for members and newcomers on Sunday mornings. Marge  is a consummate servant who is a constant presence and help in all things connected with hospitality. Marge is married to John and they live in Sunset Beach.