Our Vision

New Life Church exists to bring glory to God

through gospel renewal in our lives

and in the lives of people in the

Brunswick communities and beyond. 

Our Core Values

The Core Values we embrace at New Life Church express the guiding truths and principles that shape everything we do. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power for personal, relational, and societal transformation, and our Core Values describe why and how the Gospel impacts how we think about God, ourselves, our relationships, and our world. These are the values that shape our individual and corporate character and guide us as the Gospel brings new life in and through us. Gospel renewal begins in our hearts, sets us free from what enslaves us, sets us free to love and serve others, and sends us out to sow renewal in our community and in the world. New Life Church seeks to fulfill our vision for gospel renewal through embracing, teaching, and living out these core values.

  • The Gospel

    The Gospel is the good news that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to give himself for our sins to rescue us and reconcile us to God. This rescue is purely by grace, offering us a relationship with God that we cannot achieve, but can only receive through faith. The Gospel is not good advice for what we must do to earn God's acceptance, but the good news that by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone we may receive God's favor and love as a gift. The Gospel is the power of God transforming us and giving us a new life.

  • Gospel Freedom

    The good news of the Gospel is that not only has Jesus Christ reconciled us to God, but he has also set us free. Jesus sets us free from the bondage of self-indulgence, from being controlled by our self-centered passions and from being enslaved by our addictions. Jesus sets us free from the bondage of self-righteousness, from being consumed with self-centered performance & pride and from being enslaved by arrogance or anxiety. The Gospel is the good news of freedom to live a new life through faith in Jesus Christ and the power of His Spirit living in us.

  • Gospel Love

    Gospel Freedom is lived out in the context of relationships — Jesus Christ has set us free to love and serve God and one another. The relationships in the Trinity — the relationships between God the Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit —demonstrate the loving other-centeredness for which our relationships were designed. The paradox of Christian freedom is that we find our lives by losing them in love and service of God and others. The self-giving of Jesus — his life for mine — is our motivation and model for how we are to live and love others — my life for yours. The Gospel releases us to die to ourselves and live a new life of love and service for the glory of God and the good of others.

  • Gospel renewal

    The new life received through faith in Jesus Christ and the renewal that the Gospel generates extends beyond our individual lives, families, & churches into the communities in which we live & beyond. Gospel transformation produces compassion that moves us to love & serve our neighbors. Jesus, the Son of God, took on flesh and "moved into the neighborhood" and like him Christians are sent into the world to take part in the renewal that God is doing in it. The new life given us through Jesus Christ sends us to sow gospel renewal locally and abroad.