New Life Church Services & Sermons

Our New Life Sermons page allows you to watch, listen, and download our sermon and ministry media. You can also download the sermon or any resources attached to each media item, such as sermon notes, transcripts, or any other documents associated with our messages, when provided. Search by date, series, speaker, or title. (For prior sermons preached by Pastor Terry Maner at Sunset Beach Community Church go to additional new life media). For additional listening and downloading instructions, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


Listening & Downloading Instructions

Listening Online: To listen to a sermon online, click on the item you'd like to hear, then click on the "play" icon in the large media player window. To download the sermon to listen later, follow the tips below.

Downloading: If you'd like to download the sermon file, click on the "DOWNLOAD" (or "RESOURCES") tab beneath the file display window and sermon title and description section on the left. What you do next will be determined by the system software platform you're using. If you are using Windows, right-click on the file and select "Save Audio As" (or Save Video as, if applicable). If you are using MacOS, either 1) perform a "two finger click" on your trackpad, or 2) hold down "control" + "option" while clicking on "Download this media." Then select "download linked file" or "download linked file as". 

For additional assistance contact New Life Church.